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AMBIENTA 130_1.pdf.jpg2021Efectos observados y previstos del cambio climático en España. Es momento de actuarCampo Hernández, Rubén del; Hervella, Beatriz; Luna Rico, Yolanda
fmicb-12-670982.pdf.jpg2021Geomicrobiological heterogeneity of lithic habitats in the extreme environment of Antarctic nunataks: a potential early Mars analogFernández-Martínez, Miguel Ángel; García-Villadangos, Miriam; Moreno Paz, Mercedes, et al
atmosphere-12-01054.pdf.jpg2021Numerical simulation of Tehran dust storm on 2 June 2014: a case study of agricultural abandoned lands as emission sourcesVukovic Vimic, Ana; Cvetkovic, Bojan; Giannaros, Theodore M., et al
remotesensing-13-04323.pdf.jpg2021A new methodology to characterise the radar bright band using doppler spectral moments from vertically pointing radar observationsGarcía-Benadi, Albert; Bech, Joan; González Herrero, Sergi, et al
essd-2021-247.pdf.jpg2021An eleven year record of XCO2 estimates derived from GOSAT measurements using the NASA ACOS version 9 retrieval algorithmTaylor, Thomas E.; O'Dell, Christopher; Crisp, David, et al
1-s2.0-S0169809521001332-main.pdf.jpg2021Convective precipitation trends in the Spanish Mediterranean regionLlasat, María del Carmen; Moral Méndez, Anna del; Cortès Simó, Maria, et al
essd-2021-358.pdf.jpg2021The MONARCH high-resolution reanalysis of desert dust aerosol over Northern Africa, the Middle East and Europe (2007-2016)Di Tomaso, Enza; Escribano, Jerónimo; Basart, Sara, et al
1-s2.0-S0048969720381109-main.pdf.jpg2021Understanding the local and remote source contributions to ambient O3 during a pollution episode using a combination of experimental approaches in the Guadalquivir valley, southern SpainVeld, M. in 't; Carnerero, Cristina; Massagué, Jordi, et al
joc.7289.pdf.jpg2021Wind stilling-reversal across Sweden: the impact of land-use and large-scale atmospheric circulation changesMinola, Lorenzo; Reese, Heather; Lai, Hui-Wen, et al
amt-2021-31.pdf.jpg2021Synergetic use of IASI and TROPOMI space borne sensors for generating a tropospheric methane profile productSchneider, Matthias; Ertl, Benjamin; Diekmann, Christopher, et al
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