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ACCORD-NL2_Viana.pdf.jpgFeb-2022Introducing a roughness-sublayer in the vegetation-atmosphere coupling of HARMONIE-AROMEShapkalijevski, Metodija M.; Viana Jiménez, Samuel; Boone, Aaron, et al
JAM_2022_Kennedy.pdf.jpg2022Methodology to quantify the role of intense precipitation runoff in soil moisture scarcity: a case study in the U.S. South from 1980-2020Smith, Robert Kennedy; Guijarro, José Antonio; Chang, Der-Chen, et al
climate_services_2022.pdf.jpg2022Upgrade of a climate service tailored to water reservoirs managementSánchez García, Eroteida; Abia Llera, Inmaculada; Domínguez Alonso, Marta, et al
JGRA-2022-Hannigan.pdf.jpg2022Global Atmospheric OCS Trend Analysis From 22 NDACC StationsHannigan, James W.; Ortega, Ivan; Shams, Shima Bahramvash, et al
ACCORD-NL2_Calvo.pdf.jpgFeb-2022Evaluation of HARMONIE-AROME cycle 43h2.1 at AEMETCalvo Sánchez, Francisco Javier; Campins, Joan; Díez Muyo, María Victoria, et al
ijerph-19-03662.pdf.jpg2022Use of radon and CO2 for the identification and analysis of short-term fluctuations in the ventilation of the polychrome room inside the Altamira CaveSainz, Carlos; Fábrega, Julia; Rábago, Daniel, et al
ESE_2022_Culqui.pdf.jpg2022Mortality due to COVID-19 in Spain and its association with environmental factors and determinants of healthCulqui Lévano, Dante R.; Díaz Jiménez, Julio; Blanco, Alejandro, et al
ER_2022_Navas.pdf.jpg2022Effects of local factors on adaptation to heat in Spain (1983–2018)Navas-Martín, Miguel Ángel; López Bueno, José Antonio; Díaz Jiménez, Julio, et al
amt-15-2433-2022.pdf.jpg2022Improved calibration procedures for the EM27/SUN spectrometers of the COllaborative Carbon Column Observing Network (COCCON)Alberti, Carlos; Hase, Frank; Frey, Matthias, et al
essd-14-709-2022.pdf.jpg2022Design and description of the MUSICA IASI full retrieval productSchneider, Matthias; Ertl, Benjamin; Diekmann, Christopher, et al
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