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BAMS_2022_Kochendorfer.pdf.jpg2022How well are we measuring snow Post-SPICE?Kochendorfer, John; Earle, Michael E.; Rasmussen, Roy, et al
meseguer_Precip_O20_pre.pdf.jpg2020Weather regimes linked to daily precipitation anomalies in Northern ChileMeseguer Ruiz, Óliver; Cortesi, Nicola; Guijarro Pastor, José Antonio, et al
IJC_Serrano_2022.pdf.jpg2022Evaluation of long-term changes in precipitation over Bolivia based on observations and Coupled Model Intercomparison Project modelsVicente Serrano, Sergio Martín; Maillard, Oswaldo; Peña Angulo, Dhais, et al
JAM_2022_Kennedy.pdf.jpg2022Methodology to quantify the role of intense precipitation runoff in soil moisture scarcity: a case study in the U.S. South from 1980-2020Smith, Robert Kennedy; Guijarro Pastor, José Antonio; Chang, Der-Chen, et al
Feki_SAFRAN_2019.pdf.jpg2019The SAFRAN daily gridded precipitation product in Tunisia (1979-2015)Feki, Haifa; Tramblay, Yves; Quintana Seguí, Pere, et al
remotesensing-11-00527.pdf.jpg2019The convective rainfall rate from cloud physical properties algorithm for meteosat second-generation satellites: microphysical basis and intercomparisons using an object-based methodTapiador, Francisco J.; Marcos Martín, Cecilia; Sancho Ávila, Juan Manuel
IJC_Coll_2020.pdf.jpg2020Application of homogenization methods for Ireland's monthly precipitation records: comparison of break detection resultsColl, John; Domonkos, Peter; Guijarro Pastor, José Antonio, et al
asr-17-191-2020.pdf.jpg2020High resolution climate change projections for the Pyrenees regionAmblar, María Pilar; Ramos Calzado, Petra; Sanchis Lladó, Jorge, et al
jhm-d-19-0116.1.pdf.jpg2020The contribution of rain gauges in the calibration of the IMERG product: results from the first validation over SpainTapiador, Francisco J.; Navarro Martínez, Andrés; García Ortega, Eduardo, et al
Quintero_Statistical_AdvancesMeteorology_2019.pdf.jpg2019Statistical postprocessing of different variables for airports in Spain using machine learningQuintero Plaza, David; García-Moya, José Antonio
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