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Emergencias-2019_31_3_161-166.pdf.jpg2019Impacto de la exposición a la calima del polvo del Sáhara en los pacientes con insuficiencia cardiaca aguda atendidos en un servicio de urgenciasDomínguez Rodríguez, Alberto; Baez Ferrer, Néstor; Rodríguez González, Sergio, et al
Manuscript_Lopezetal_lapse rates_r1.pdf.jpg2019Air and wet bulb temperature lapse rates and their impact on snowmaking in a Pyrenean ski resortLópez Moreno, Juan Ignacio; Navarro-Serrano, F.; Azorín Molina, César, et al
Rapid_changes_AtmosEnviron_2019.pdf.jpg2019Rapid changes of dust geochemistry in the Saharan Air Layer linked to sources and meteorologyRodríguez González, Sergio; Calzolai, Giulia; Chiari, Massimo, et al
zhangG19-post.pdf.jpg2019Impact of near-surface wind speed variability on wind erosion in the eastern agro-pastoral transitional zone of Northern China, 1982–2016Zhang, Gangfeng; Azorín Molina, César; Shi, Peijun, et al
remotesensing-11-00251.pdf.jpg2019The GEWEX water vapor assessment: overview and introduction to results and recommendationsSchröder, Marc; Lockhoff, M.; Shi, L., et al
asr-16-191-2019.pdf.jpg2019Development of an empirical model for seasonal forecasting over the MediterraneanRodríguez Guisado, Esteban; Serrano de la Torre, Antonio Ángel; Sánchez García, Eroteida, et al
2019The Post-SPICE (2015/2016 and 2016/2017) Winter Precipitation Intercomparison Data [Dataset]Smith, Craig D.; Ross, Amber; Kochendorfer, John, et al
Analysis_actinometric_measurements.pdf.jpg2019Analysis of actinometric measurements under allsky and cloud-free conditions in Cáceres (Spain) for the period 1913–1920Bravo Paredes, Nieves; Gallego, M. C.; Antón, Manuel, et al
Quintero_Statistical_AdvancesMeteorology_2019.pdf.jpg2019Statistical postprocessing of different variables for airports in Spain using machine learningQuintero Plaza, David; García-Moya, José Antonio
pagination_ATMOS_4561.pdf.jpg2019Synergistic effect of the occurrence of African dust outbreaks on atmospheric pollutant levels in the Madrid metropolitan areaSalvador, Pedro; Molero, Francisco; Fernández, Alfonso Javier, et al
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