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remotesensing-11-01034-v2.pdf.jpg2019Decoupling between precipitation processes and mountain wave induced circulations observed with a vertically pointing K-band Doppler radarGonzález Herrero, Sergi; Bech, Joan; Udina, Mireia, et al
Robust_Aircraft_Gonzalez.pdf.jpg2019Robust aircraft trajectory planning under uncertain convective environments with optimal control and rapidly developing thunderstormsGonzález Arribas, Daniel; Soler, Manuel; Sanjurjo Rivo, Manuel, et al
acp-19-10497-2019.pdf.jpg2019Large contribution of meteorological factors to inter-decadal changes in regional aerosol optical depthChe, Huizheng; Gui, Ke; Xia, Xiangao, et al
376-6503-1-PB.pdf.jpg2019Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report: Tropospheric ozone from 1877 to 2016, observed levels, trends and uncertaintiesTarasick, David W.; Galbally, I. E.; Cooper, O. R., et al
sdata2018302.pdf.jpg2019A global database of water vapor isotopes measured with high temporal resolution infrared laser spectroscopyWei, Zhongwang; Lee, Xuhui; Aemisegger, Franziska, et al
2017_Maraun_IJOC.pdf.jpg2019The VALUE perfect predictor experiment: evaluation of temporal variabilityMaraun, Douglas; Huth, Radan; Gutiérrez Llorente, José Manuel, et al
Feki_SAFRAN_2019.pdf.jpg2019The SAFRAN daily gridded precipitation product in Tunisia (1979-2015)Feki, Haifa; Tramblay, Yves; Quintana Seguí, Pere, et al
amt-12-4309-2019.pdf.jpg2019Aerosol optical depth comparison between GAW-PFR and AERONET-Cimel radiometers from long-term (2005–2015) 1 min synchronous measurementsCuevas Agulló, Emilio; Romero Campos, Pedro Miguel; Kouremeti, Natalia, et al
Forecasting_poor_visibility_2019.pdf.jpg2019Forecasting of poor visibility episodes in the vicinity of Tenerife Norte AirportFernández-González, Sergio; Bolgiani, Pedro; Fernández Villares, Javier, et al
bams-d-19-0110.1.pdf.jpg2019Weather observations of remote polar areas using an AWS onboard a unique zero-emissions polar vehicleGonzález Herrero, Sergi; Bañón García, Manuel; Albero Molina, Vicente, et al
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