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Poster_UV_septiembre.pdf.jpg2016Preliminar results on the operative cosine correction in EUBREWNETLeón-Luis, Sergio F.; Lakkala, Kaisa; Hernández Cruz, Bentorey, et al
Poster_Brewer-RASAS.pdf.jpg2012Total ozone measurements from the NDACC Izaña Subtropical Station: visible spectroscopy versus Brewer and satellite instrumentsGil-Ojeda, Manuel; Navarro Comas, Mónica; Redondas, Alberto, et al
BHC Eubrewnet Web.pdf.jpg2016Eubrewnet WebHernández Cruz, Bentorey; Berjón, Alberto; Carreño Corbella, Virgilio, et al
AerosolOpticalDepth_EUBREWNET.pdf.jpg2016Aerosol optical depth in the ultraviolet range: a new product in EUBREWNETLópez-Solano, Javier; Carlund, Thomas; Hernández Cruz, Bentorey, et al
lakkala_scar_2014.pdf.jpg2014Observations from the NILU-UV Antarctic network since 2000Lakkala, Kaisa; Asmi, E.; Meinander, O., et al
Carreno-COST_TRIAD.pdf.jpg2013RBCC-E Triad: update of the triad statusCarreño Corbella, Virgilio; Redondas, Alberto; Rodríguez Franco, Juan José, et al
Poster_RDCC-RBCC_AR_001.pdf.jpg2012Regional Calibration Centers for Dobson and Brewer in Europe : a joint venture for highest quality in monitoring the ozone layerKöhler, Ulf; Redondas, Alberto; Kyrö, Esko
Comparison_Measured_UV.pdf.jpg2010Comparison of measured and modelled UV spectral irradiance at the Izaña Station based on Libradtran and UVA-GOA modelsGarcía Cabrera, Rosa Delia; Cachorro, Victoria E.; Cuevas Agulló, Emilio, et al
QOS2012_Stray-light.pdf.jpg2012Correcting Stray Light in Single-monochromator Brewer SpectrophotometersKarppinen, Tomi; Redondas, Alberto; García, R., et al
Alberto TriadArosaDavos.pdf.jpg2014RBCC-E 2014 langley campaign the triad before Arosa/Davos campaingRedondas, Alberto; Carreño Corbella, Virgilio; Rodríguez Franco, Juan José, et al
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