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AEMC_2015_CLIVAR_APastoretal.pdf.jpg2015Regionalized climate change projections over Spain based on statistical algorithmsPastor Saavedra, María Asunción; Ramos Calzado, Petra; Amblar, María Pilar, et al
poster_Rosa_Garcia_CLIMA_2015_serie.pdf.jpg2015Long-term recovering of global solar radiation from 1993 to 2013 at the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory [Póster]García Cabrera, Rosa Delia; Cuevas Agulló, Emilio; Cachorro, Victoria E., et al
POSTER_EMS_2015_AEMET.pdf.jpg2015Proposals of metrics for a more physical evaluation of climate modelsCasado Calle, María Jesús; Rodríguez Camino, Ernesto; Pastor Saavedra, María Asunción, et al
poster_Rosa_Garcia_CLIMA_2015_AOD.pdf.jpg2015Aerosol optical depth retrieval at the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory from 1941 to 2013 by using artificial neural networks [Póster]García Cabrera, Rosa Delia; García Rodríguez, Omaira Elena; Cuevas Agulló, Emilio, et al
Statistics_based_Diezmoz.pdf.jpg2015Statistics-based evaluation of the stray-light effect on ozone measurements in the framework of the European Brewer Network (EUBREWNET)Diémoz, Henri; Redondas, Alberto; Karppinen, Tomi, et al
campinsJ15-po.pdf.jpg2015Impact of non-conventional and targeted observations on short-range forecast during HyMeX-SOP1 using HARMONIE in AEMETCampins, Joan; Sánchez Arriola, Jana; Navascués, Beatriz, et al
poster_sinobas_2015.pdf.jpg2015SINOBAS, a tool for collaborative mapping applied to observation of “singular” weather phenomenaGutiérrez Rubio, Delia; Riesco Martín, Jesús; Ponce Gutiérrez, Salvador
picornellMA15-po.pdf.jpg2015Diagnosis of a strong cyclogenesis during IOP18 of HyMeX-SOP1Picornell, María Ángeles; Campins, Joan; Jansà Clar, Agustí
Elias_aerVar_SP2015_poster.pdf.jpg2015Aerosols attenuating the solar radiation collected by solar tower plants: the horizontal pathway at surface level [Póster]Elias, Thierry; Ramon, Didier; Dubus, Laurent, et al
42_Poster_Rodrigo_Lopez.pdf.jpgOct-2015Preliminary results of a catastrophic model of extreme wind gust situations in peninsular SpainRodrigo Fernández, Macarena; López Díaz, José Antonio
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