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amt-9-2845-2016.pdf.jpg2016Accomplishments of the MUSICA project to provide accurate, long-term, global and high-resolution observations of tropospheric {H2O,δD} pairs – a reviewSchneider, Matthias; Wiegele, Andreas; Barthlott, Sabine, et al
acp-17-551-2017.pdf.jpg2016Detecting volcanic sulfur dioxide plumes in the Northern Hemisphere using the Brewer spectrophotometers, other networks, and satellite observations [Discussion paper]Zerefos, Christos S.; Eleftheratos, Kostas; Kapsomenakis, John, et al
campins_et_al_qjrms_2016.pdf.jpg2016Impact of targeted observations on HIRLAM forecasts during HyMeX-SOP1Campins, Joan; Navascués Fernández-Victorio, Beatriz
acp-16-9067-2016.pdf.jpg2016Ice nucleating particles in the Saharan Air LayerBoose, Yvonne; Sierau, Berko; García Álvarez, María Isabel, et al
epjconf_ilrc2016_23017.pdf.jpg2016Lidar ratio derived for pure dust aerosols: multi-year micro pulse lidar observations in a Saharan dust-influenced regionCórdoba-Jabonero, Carmen; Adame, José Antonio; Campbell, James R., et al
essd-2016-9.pdf.jpg2016Tropospheric water vapour isotopologue data (H162O, H182O and HD16O) as obtained from NDACC/FTIR solar absorption spectra [Discussion paper]Barthlott, Sabine; Schneider, Matthias; Hase, Frank, et al
Sanchez_Arriola_JAMC-D-15-0137.pdf.jpg2016Variational bias correction of GNSS ZTD in the HARMONIE modeling systemSánchez Arriola, Jana; Lindskog, Magnus; Thorsteinsson, Sigurdur, et al
Acta_Solis16.pdf.jpg2016Climatología del inframundoSolís García, Julio
acp-16-4967-2016.pdf.jpg2016Forecasting the northern African dust outbreak towards Europe in April 2011: a model intercomparisonHuneeus, Nicolas; Basart, Sara; Fiedler, S., et al
epjconf_ilrc2016_08002.pdf.jpg2016Saharan and arabian dust aerosols: a comparative case study of lidar ratioCórdoba-Jabonero, Carmen; Sabbah, Ismail; Sorribas, Mar, et al
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