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jhm-d-16-0127.1.pdf.jpg2017On the optimal measuring area for pointwise rainfall estimation: a dedicated experiment with 14 laser disdrometersTapiador, Francisco J.; Navarro, A.; Moreno, R., et al
amt-2017-15.pdf.jpg2017Validation of 10-year 1 SAO OMI ozone profile (PROFOZ) product using ozonesonde observations [Discussion paper]Huang, Guanyu; Xiong, Liu; Chance, Kelly, et al
amt-10-2323-2017.pdf.jpg2017Consistency between GRUAN sondes, LBLRTM and IASICalbet, Xavier; Peinado Galan, Niobe; Rípodas Agudo, Pilar, et al
modis_validation.pdf.jpg2017Validation of MODIS integrated water vapor product against reference GPS data at the Iberian PeninsulaVaquero Martínez, Javier; Antón, Manuel; Ortiz de Galisteo, José Pablo, et al
amt-10-507-2017.pdf.jpg2017MUSICA MetOp/IASI {H2O,δD} pair retrieval simulations for validating tropospheric moisture pathways in atmospheric modelsSchneider, Matthias; Borger, Christian; Wiegele, Andreas, et al
Acta_Solis_43_17.pdf.jpg2017Planetas extrasolaresSolís García, Julio
Decadal_inversionTELLUSB.pdf.jpg2017A decadal inversion of CO2 using the Global Eulerian–Lagrangian Coupled Atmospheric model (GELCA): sensitivity to the ground-based observation networkShirai, T.; Ishizawa, M.; Zhuravlev, R., et al
Atmospheric_Guijarro_CLIVAR_73.pdf.jpg2017Atmospheric climatic observations and instrumental reconstructions over the Iberian Peninsula I: development of high-quality climatic time seriesGuijarro, José Antonio; Azorín Molina, César; González Hidalgo, José Carlos, et al
Modes_Rodriguez_CLIVAR_73.pdf.jpg2017Modes of variability affecting southwestern EuropeRodríguez Fonseca, Belén; Casado Calle, María Jesús; Barriopedro, David
Tropicalization_7Nov2014.pdf.jpg2017Tropicalization process of the 7 November 2014 mediterranean cyclone: numerical sensitivity studyCarrió, D. S.; Homar, Víctor; Jansà Clar, Agustí, et al
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