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ALADIN_HIRLAM_Newsletters_11_2018.pdf.jpg2018Variational constraints for Data Assimilation in ALADIN-NH dynamicsGeijo, Carlos; Escribà, Pau
2017_RSE_Inter-comparison of IWV from satellite instruments using GPS data.pdf.jpg2018Inter-comparison of integrated water vapor from satellite instruments using reference GPS data at the Iberian PeninsulaVaquero Martínez, Javier; Antón, Manuel; Ortiz de Galisteo, José Pablo, et al
amt-11-5507-2018.pdf.jpg2018Mapping carbon monoxide pollution from space down to city scales with daily global coverageBorsdorff, Tobias; Aan de Brugh, Joost; Hu, Haili, et al
acp-18-10615-2018.pdf.jpg2018Status and future of Numerical Atmospheric Aerosol Prediction with a focus on data requirementsBenedetti, Angela; Reid, Jeffrey S.; Baklanov, Alexander, et al
remotesensing-10-01102.pdf.jpg2018Vertically resolved precipitation intensity retrieved through a synergy between the ground-based NASA MPLNET lidar network measurements, surface disdrometer datasets and an analytical model solutionLolli, Simone; D’Adderio, Leo Pio; Campbell, James R., et al
acp-18-6511-2018.pdf.jpg2018Phenomenology of summer ozone episodes over the Madrid Metropolitan Area, central SpainQuerol, Xavier; Alastuey, Andrés; Gangoiti, Gotzon, et al
acp-2018-1315.pdf.jpg2018Improved Retrievals of Carbon Dioxide from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 with the version 8 ACOS algorithmO'Dell, Christopher; Eldering, Annmarie; Wennberg, Paul O., et al
acp-18-9441-2018.pdf.jpg2018EUBREWNET RBCC-E Huelva 2015 Ozone Brewer IntercomparisonRedondas, Alberto; Carreño Corbella, Virgilio; León-Luis, Sergio Fabián, et al
acp-18-7877-2018.pdf.jpg2018A European aerosol phenomenology – 6: scattering properties of atmospheric aerosol particles from 28 ACTRIS sitesPandolfi, Marco; Alados Arboledas, Lucas; Alastuey, Andrés, et al
GeosciencesMetPatternsLandslide.pdf.jpg2018Meteorological patterns linked to landslide triggering in Asturias (NW Spain): a preliminary analysisValenzuela, Pablo; Iglesias, Miguel; Domínguez Cuesta, María José, et al
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