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amt-2015-330.pdf.jpg2016A framework for accurate, long-term, global and high resolution observations of tropospheric H2O-δD pairs—a MUSICA review [Discussion paper]Schneider, Matthias; Wiegele, Andreas; Barthlott, Sabine, et al
epjconf_ilrc2016_23017.pdf.jpg2016Lidar ratio derived for pure dust aerosols: multi-year micro pulse lidar observations in a Saharan dust-influenced regionCórdoba-Jabonero, Carmen; Adame, José Antonio; Campbell, James R., et al
amt-9-53-2016.pdf.jpg2016Aerosol optical depth retrievals at the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory from 1941 to 2013 by using artificial neural networksGarcía Cabrera, Rosa Delia; García Rodríguez, Omaira Elena; Cuevas Agulló, Emilio, et al
amt-2015-350.pdf.jpg2016A semiempirical error estimation technique for PWV derived from atmospheric radiosonde data [Discussion paper]Castro Almazán, Julio A.; Pérez Jordán, Gabriel; Muñoz Tuñón, Casiana
ACSO-JMS-2016.pdf.jpg2016Absorption cross-sections of ozone in the ultraviolet and visible spectral regions: Status report 2015Orphal, Johannes; Staehelin, Johannes; Tamminen, Johanna, et al
2016_Vaquero_Validation of IWV.pdf.jpg2016Validation of integrated water vapor from OMI satellite instrument against reference GPS data at the Iberian PeninsulaVaquero Martínez, Javier; Antón, Manuel; Ortiz de Galisteo, José Pablo, et al
campins_et_al_qjrms_2016.pdf.jpg2016Impact of targeted observations on HIRLAM forecasts during HyMeX-SOP1Campins, Joan; Navascués Fernández-Victorio, Beatriz
acp-2016-699.pdf.jpg2016Ten years of atmospheric methane from ground-based NDACC FTIR observations [Discussion paper]Bader, Whitney; Bovy, Benoît; Conway, Stephanie, et al
amt-9-2845-2016.pdf.jpg2016Accomplishments of the MUSICA project to provide accurate, long-term, global and high-resolution observations of tropospheric {H2O,δD} pairs – a reviewSchneider, Matthias; Wiegele, Andreas; Barthlott, Sabine, et al
amt-9-1799-2016.pdf.jpg2016Dead time effect on the Brewer measurements: correction and estimated uncertaintiesFountoulakis, Ilias; Redondas, Alberto; Bais, Alkiviadis F., et al
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