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temporalSpatial_AtmosEnvir2018.pdf.jpg2018Temporal and spatial variability of atmospheric particle number size distributions across SpainAlonso Blanco, E.; Gómez Moreno, F. J.; Artíñano, Begoña, et al
Characterization_of_Spread_in_a_Mesoscale_Ensemble_Prediction_System.pdf.jpg2018Characterization of spread in a mesoscale ensemble prediction system: multiphysics versus initial conditionsFernández-González, Sergio; Sastre, Mariano; Valero Rodríguez, Francisco, et al
amt-11-4059-2018.pdf.jpg2018Internal consistency of the Regional Brewer Calibration Centre for Europe triad during the period 2005–2016León-Luis, Sergio F.; Redondas, Alberto; Carreño Corbella, Virgilio, et al
acp-18-16019-2018.pdf.jpg2018UV measurements at Marambio and Ushuaia during 2000–2010Lakkala, Kaisa; Redondas, Alberto; Meinander, O., et al
acp-2017-1193.pdf.jpg2018UV measurements at Marambio and Ushuaia during 2000–2010 [Discussion paper]Lakkala, Kaisa; Redondas, Alberto; Meinander, O., et al
Numerical_Simulation_of_a_Heavy_Precipitation_Event.pdf.jpg2018Numerical simulation of a heavy precipitation event in the vicinity of Madrid-Barajas international airport: sensitivity to initial conditions, domain resolution, and microphysics parameterizationsBolgiani, Pedro; Fernández-González, Sergio; Valero Rodríguez, Francisco, et al
acp-2018-430.pdf.jpg2018Assessment of Sun photometer Langley calibration at the high-elevation sites Mauna Loa and Izaña [Discussion paper]Toledano, Carlos; González, Ramiro; Fuertes, David, et al
asr-15-217-2018.pdf.jpg2018Strategy for generation of climate change projections feeding Spanish impact communityAmblar, María Pilar; Pastor Saavedra, María Asunción; Casado Calle, María Jesús, et al
acp-18-10615-2018.pdf.jpg2018Status and future of Numerical Atmospheric Aerosol Prediction with a focus on data requirementsBenedetti, Angela; Reid, Jeffrey S; Baklanov, Alexander, et al
remotesensing-10-01102.pdf.jpg2018Vertically resolved precipitation intensity retrieved through a synergy between the ground-based NASA MPLNET lidar network measurements, surface disdrometer datasets and an analytical model solutionLolli, Simone; D’Adderio, Leo Pio; Campbell, James R., et al
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