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Atmospheric_Guijarro_CLIVAR_73.pdf.jpg2017Atmospheric climatic observations and instrumental reconstructions over the Iberian Peninsula I: development of high-quality climatic time seriesGuijarro, José Antonio; Azorín Molina, César; González Hidalgo, José Carlos, et al
Modes_Rodriguez_CLIVAR_73.pdf.jpg2017Modes of variability affecting southwestern EuropeRodríguez Fonseca, Belén; Casado Calle, María Jesús; Barriopedro, David
2017Atmospheric patterns over the Antarctic Peninsula [Dataset]Gonzalez, Sergi; Vasallo, Francisco; Recio-Blitz, Cayetana, et al
amt-2017-15.pdf.jpg2017Validation of 10-year 1 SAO OMI ozone profile (PROFOZ) product using ozonesonde observations [Discussion paper]Huang, Guanyu; Xiong, Liu; Chance, Kelly, et al
acp-2017-391.pdf.jpg2017An update on ozone profile trends for the period 2000 to 2016 [Discussions paper]Steinbrecht, Wolfgang; Froidevaux, Lucien; Fuller, Ryan, et al
acp-17-551-2017.pdf.jpg2017Detecting volcanic sulfur dioxide plumes in the Northern Hemisphere using the Brewer spectrophotometers, other networks, and satellite observationsZerefos, Christos S.; Eleftheratos, Kostas; Kapsomenakis, John, et al
Acta_Solis_43_17.pdf.jpg2017Planetas extrasolaresSolís García, Julio
atmosenv_167_2017_586_602.pdf.jpg2017The pulsating nature of large-scale Saharan dust transport as a result of interplays between mid-latitude Rossby waves and the North African Dipole IntensityCuevas Agulló, Emilio; Gómez Peláez, Ángel Jesús; Rodríguez González, Sergio, et al
amt-10-2323-2017.pdf.jpg2017Consistency between GRUAN sondes, LBLRTM and IASICalbet, Xavier; Peinado Galan, Niobe; Rípodas Agudo, Pilar, et al
2017How robust are the temperature trends on the Antarctic Peninsula? [Dataset]Gonzalez, Sergi; Fortuny, Didac
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