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joc.7289.pdf.jpg2021Wind stilling-reversal across Sweden: the impact of land-use and large-scale atmospheric circulation changesMinola, Lorenzo; Reese, Heather; Lai, Hui-Wen, et al
1-s2.0-S2666827021000256-main.pdf.jpg2021Convection indicator for pre-tactical air traffic flow management using neural networksJardines, Aniel; Soler, Manuel; Cervantes, Alejandro, et al
joc.7271_2021.pdf.jpg2021Evaluation of statistical downscaling methods for climate change projections over Spain: Present conditions with perfect predictorsHernanz Lázaro, Alfonso; García Valero, Juan Andrés; Domínguez Alonso, Marta, et al
amt-14-4689-2021.pdf.jpg2021The Adaptable 4A Inversion (5AI): description and first XCO2 retrievals from Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) observationsDogniaux, Matthieu; Crevoisier, Cyril; Armante, Raymond, et al
A_Decline_Observed.pdf.jpg2021A decline of observed daily peak wind gusts with distinct seasonality in Australia, 1941–2016Azorín Molina, César; McVicar, Tim R.; Guijarro, José Antonio, et al
Efficiency_Time_Series_Homogenization_ Method Comparison.pdf.jpg2021Efficiency of time series homogenization: method comparison with 12 monthly temperature test datasetsDomonkos, Peter; Guijarro, José Antonio; Venema, Victor K. C., et al
2020JD033637.pdf.jpg2021Uneven warming likely contributed to declining near-surface wind speeds in Northern China between 1961 and 2016Zhang, Gangfeng; Azorín Molina, César; Chen, Deliang, et al
1-s2.0-S016980952100140X-main.pdf.jpg2021The September 2019 floods in Spain: An example of the utility of satellite data for the analysis of extreme hydrometeorological eventsTapiador, Francisco J.; Marcos Martín, Cecilia; Sancho Ávila, Juan Manuel, et al
acp-2021-307.pdf.jpg2021Twenty years of ground-based NDACC FTIR spectrometry at Izaña Observatory - overview and long-term comparison to other techniquesGarcía Rodríguez, Omaira Elena; Schneider, Matthias; Sepúlveda Hernández, Eliezer, et al
acp-2021-437.pdf.jpg2021Quantification of CH4 emissions from waste disposal sites near the city of Madrid using ground- and space-based observations of COCCON, TROPOMI and IASITu, Qiansi; Hase, Frank; Schneider, Matthias, et al
Mourre2021_Article_OnThePotentialOfEnsembleForeca.pdf.jpg2021On the potential of ensemble forecasting for the prediction of meteotsunamis in the Balearic Islands: sensitivity to atmospheric model parameterizationsMourre, Baptiste; Santana, Alex; Buils, A., et al
IJOC_V1.pdf.jpg2021Spatio‐temporal patterns of snow in the Catalan Pyrenees (NE Iberia)Bonsoms, Josep; González Herrero, Sergi; Prohom, Marc, et al
METEOROLOGICAL_SHAPE_DESICCATION_AIRBORNE_MICROORGANISMS.pdf.jpg2021Local meteorological conditions, shape and desiccation influence dispersal capabilities for airborne microorganismsGalbán, Sofía; Justel, Ana; González Herrero, Sergi, et al
A210205000005.pdf.jpg2020Are Antarctic Specially Protected Areas safe from plastic pollution? a survey of plastic litter at Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, AntarcticaAlmela, Pablo; González Herrero, Sergi
amt-2021-67.pdf.jpg2021Improved ozone monitoring by ground-based FTIR spectrometryGarcía Rodríguez, Omaira Elena; Sanromá, Esther; Schneider, Matthias, et al
tc-15-951-2021.pdf.jpg2021An inter-comparison of the mass budget of the Arctic sea ice in CMIP6 modelsKeen, Ann; Blockley, Ed; Bailey, David A., et al
fmars-08-646873.pdf.jpg2021Storm Gloria: sea state evolution based on in situ measurements and modeled data and its impact on extreme valuesAlfonso, Marta de; Lin-Ye, Jue; García-Valdecasas, José María, et al
amt-14-2389-2021.pdf.jpg2021New observations of NO2 in the upper troposphere from TROPOMIMarais, Eloise A.; Roberts, John F.; Ryan, Robert G., et al
amt-2021-36.pdf.jpg2021Validation of methane and carbon monoxide from Sentinel-5 Precursor using TCCON and NDACC-IRWG stationsSha, Mahesh K.; Langerock, Bavo; Blavier, Jean-François L., et al
essd-2021-87.pdf.jpg2021The MUSICA IASI {H2O, δD} pair productDiekmann, Christopher; Schneider, Matthias; Ertl, Benjamin, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 138
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