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amt-13-4353-2020.pdf.jpg2020A global analysis of climate-relevant aerosol properties retrieved from the network of Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) near-surface observatoriesLaj, Paolo; Bigi, Alessandro; Rose, Clémence, et al
atmosphere-11-00985.pdf.jpg2020An assessment of observed and simulated temperature variability in Sierra de GuadarramaVegas Cañas, Cristina; González Rouco, J. Fidel; Navarro, Jorge, et al
A210205000005.pdf.jpg2020Are Antarctic Specially Protected Areas safe from plastic pollution? a survey of plastic litter at Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, AntarcticaAlmela, Pablo; González Herrero, Sergi
2020EA001121.pdf.jpg2020Homogenizing GPS integrated water vapor time series: benchmarking break detection methods on synthetic data setsMalderen, Roeland van; Pottiaux, E.; Klos, A., et al
420-7199-1-PB.pdf.jpg2020Multi-decadal surface ozone trends at globally distributed remote locationsCooper, Owen R.; Schultz, M.; Schröder, Marc, et al
amt-13-6999-2020.pdf.jpg2020Validation of the TROPOspheric Monitoring Instrument (TROPOMI) surface UV radiation productLakkala, Kaisa; Kujanpää, Jukka; Brogniez, Colette, et al
amt-13-3621-2020.pdf.jpg2020Use of automatic radiosonde launchers to measure temperature and humidity profiles from the GRUAN perspectiveMadonna, Fabio; Kivi, Rigel; Dupont, Jean-Charles, et al
remotesensing-12-04113.pdf.jpg2020Precipitation type classification of micro rain radar data using an improved doppler spectral processing methodologyGarcía-Benadi, Albert; Bech, Joan; González Herrero, Sergi, et al
PeñaAngulo_etal_2020_Environ_Res_Lett.pdf.jpg2020Long-term precipitation in Southwestern Europe reveals no clear trend attributable to anthropogenic forcingPeña-Angulo, D.; Vicente Serrano, Sergio Martín; Domínguez Castro, Fernando, et al
nhess-20-1513-2020.pdf.jpg2020A methodology to conduct wind damage field surveys for high-impact weather events of convective originRodríguez, Oriol; Bech, Joan; Soriano Romero, Juan de Dios, et al
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