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NO2 VCD Stratospheric trends Hemispheric and latitudinal dependence
Title: NO2 VCD Stratospheric trends Hemispheric and latitudinal dependence
Authors: Gil-Ojeda, ManuelYela González, MargaritaNavarro Comas, MónicaRobles González, CristinaAutor AEMETHase, F.Funke, BerndPuentedura, OlgaIglesias, JavierCuevas Agulló, Emilio ORCID RESEARCHERID SCOPUSID Autor AEMET
Keywords: Espectrómetros; Dióxido de nitrógeno; Estratosfera
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Twenty years of stratospheric NO2 VCD data from ground-based zenith DOAS instruments have been used for trend analysis. Spectrometers either NDACC qualified or under evaluation cover Subtropical latitudes in Northern Hemisphere (Izaña, 28ºN), and Southern Antarctic (Marambio, 64ºS) and SubAntarctic (Ushuaia, 55ºS) regions. The multiple linear regression method includes annual, semiannual, quarterly, solar activity cycle, stratospheric aerosols, QBO and NAO proxies. The instruments settings follow the NDACC recommendations for NO2 measurements and the same AMF code. Results show a mean am/pm positive trend of + 7.9% at the 99% confidence level in the Northern Hemisphere station whereas the trends are negative in the Southern Hemisphere ones (-9.8% Ushuaia, -14.9% Marambio). From comparison with FTIR data, it is estimated that the changes are restricted to the lower stratosphere (15-30km) suggesting a dynamic origin of the trend. MIPAS NOy on a global scale shows a similar feature with a redistribution of the nitrogen family within the lower stratosphere.
Description: Presentación realizada para el 7th International DOAS Workshop celebrado en Bruselas los días 6-8 de julio de 2015
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