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HyMeX-SOP1: The field campaign dedicated to heavy precipitation and flash flooding in the Northwestern Mediterranean
Title: HyMeX-SOP1: The field campaign dedicated to heavy precipitation and flash flooding in the Northwestern Mediterranean
Authors: Ducrocq, VéroniqueBraud, IsabelleDavolio, SilvioFerretti, RossellaFlamant, CyrilleJansà Clar, AgustíAutor AEMETKalthoff, NorbertRichard, EvelyneTaupier-Letage, IsabelleAyral, Pierre-AlainBelamari, SophieBerne, AlexisBorga, MarcoBoudevillain, BriceBock, OlivierBoichard, Jean-LucBouin, Marie-NoëlleBousquet, OlivierBouvier, ChristopheChiggiato, JacopoCimini, DomenicoCorsmeier, UlrichCoppola, LaurentCocquerez, PhilippeDefer, EricDelanoë, JulienGirolamo, Paolo DiDoerenbecher, AlexisDrobinski, PhilippeDufournet, YannFourrié, NadiaGourley, Jonathan J.Labatut, LaurentLambert, DominiqueLe Coz, JérômeMarzano, Frank S.Molinié, GillesMontani, AndreaNord, GuillaumeNuret, MathieuRamage, KarimRison, WilliamRoussot, OdileSaid, FrédériqueSchwarzenboeck, AlfonsTestor, PierreVan Baelen, JoëlVincendon, BéatriceAran, MontserratTamayo Carmona, JorgeAutor AEMET
Keywords: Heavy precipitation events; Hydrological cycle; Data assimilation
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: American Meteorological Society
Citation: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 2019, 95, p. 1083–1100
Publisher version:
Abstract: The Mediterranean region is frequently affected by heavy precipitation events associated with flash floods, landslides, and mudslides that cause hundreds of millions of euros in damages per year and, often, casualties. A major field campaign was devoted to heavy precipitation and f lash f loods from 5 September to 6 November 2012 within the framework of the 10-yr international Hydrological Cycle in the Mediterranean Experiment (HyMeX) dedicated to the hydrological cycle and related high-impact events. The 2-month field campaign took place over the northwestern Mediterranean Sea and its surrounding coastal regions in France, Italy, and Spain. The observation strategy of the field experiment was devised to improve knowledge of the following key components leading to heavy precipitation and flash flooding in the region: 1) the marine atmospheric f lows that transport moist and conditionally unstable air toward the coasts, 2) the Mediterranean Sea acting as a moisture and energy source, 3) the dynamics and microphysics of the convective systems producing heavy precipitation, and 4) the hydrological processes during flash floods. This article provides the rationale for developing this first HyMeX field experiment and an overview of its design and execution. Highlights of some intensive observation periods illustrate the potential of the unique datasets collected for process understanding, model improvement, and data assimilation.
Sponsorship : The field campaign was sponsored by Grants M I S T R A L S/ HyMe X , A N R-2 011-B S5 6 - 0 27 FLOODSCALE, ANR-11-BS56-0005 IODA-MED, CSTB-BAMED, CPER-FEDER CORSiCA, EUCOSDTS-HyMeX, EU-FP7 EUROFLEETS, EU-FP7 PERSEUS, and EU-FP7 DRIHM.
ISSN: 0003-0007
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