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The environments of significant convective events in the western Mediterranean
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dc.contributor.authorTudurí Vila, Elisaes_ES
dc.contributor.authorRamis, Clementees_ES
dc.identifier.citationWeather and Forecasting. 1997, 12, p. 294–306es_ES
dc.description.abstractThe environmental characteristics associated with 313 significant convective events in the western Mediterranean are investigated using radiosonde ascents made in Mallorca (Spain). The events are separated into five groups, based on the observed event (hail, heavy rain, ‘‘dry’’ storms, storms with heavy rain, and tornadoes). Classic stability indices, as well as values of convective available potential energy and helicity, are considered for each group. These traditional convective indices appear not to provide good guidance for discriminating environments associated with each group of events. In order to classify the environments, each sounding is defined by means of 34 variables that describe the thermal and humidity vertical structure, instability, precipitable water, and helicity. A cluster analysis shows that four different vertical structures appear. Each kind of event shows preference for the environments defined by a cluster. A simple method is presented for sounding classification using the four categories obtained from the cluster analysis. The method looks for the best correlation between a particular sounding and those defined by each cluster.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work has been partially sponsored by the EC under Contract EV5V-CT94-0442 and CICYT Grants AMB95-1136-CE.es_ES
dc.publisherAmerican Meteorological Societyes_ES
dc.subjectConvective eventses_ES
dc.subjectEnvironmental characteristicses_ES
dc.titleThe environments of significant convective events in the western Mediterraneanes_ES
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