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Usage of SYNOP 10 meters wind observations in HIRLAM
Title: Usage of SYNOP 10 meters wind observations in HIRLAM
Authors: Cansado, Alberto ORCID RESEARCHERID Autor AEMETNavascués, BeatrizAutor AEMET
Keywords: Numerical Weather Prediction Models; HIRLAM; SYNOP 10
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Sveriges meteorologiska och hydrologiska institut
Citation: HIRLAM newsletter. 2009, 50, p. 8-17
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Abstract: It is not easy to deal with 10 meters wind observations oven land in NWP models. This is due mainly to the difficulty of the models to represent the real orography and physiography and the high degree of dependence of near surface wind observations with both, physiography and orography. Other source of errors in the analyzed 10 meters wind field is the usage of observations which are not representative of the neighbouring terrain. Here, we describe the method we used to, subjectively, identify good and bad wind stations, the way to introduce SYNOP 10 meters wind observations in HIRLAM using whitelists and the analysis of the experiments and case studies carried out.
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