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Analysis of turbulence in fog episodes
Title: Analysis of turbulence in fog episodes
Authors: Terradellas, EnricAutor AEMETFerreres Soler, EnriquetaSoler, María Rosa
Keywords: Fog episodes; Turbulence; Wavelet methods; Niebla; Modelos numéricos de predicción; Turbulencia
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: European Meteorological Society
Citation: Advances in Science and Research. 2008, 2(1), p. 31-34
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Abstract: Many processes interact in a complex and highly non-linear way during the life cycle of fog, the turbulent transport being among them. Observations and analysis of turbulence are, then, fundamental to our understanding of the physical mechanisms involved with fog formation, evolution and dissipation. Data gathered by fast-response sonic anemometers are processed using wavelet methods in order to estimate turbulence parameters such as kinetic energy or fluxes during the successive stages of fog evolution.
ISSN: 1992-0628
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