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HOMER: a homogenization software – methods and applications
Title: HOMER: a homogenization software – methods and applications
Authors: Mestre, OlivierDomonkos, PeterPicard, FranckAuer, IngeborgRobin, StéphaneLebarbier, EmilieBöhm, ReinhardAguilar, EnricGuijarro Pastor, José Antonio ORCID RESEARCHERID Autor AEMETVertacnik, GregorKlancar, MatijaDubuisson, BrigitteStepanek, Petr
Keywords: Homogenization; Optimal segmentation; Temperature; Precipitation; Urban trend bias
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Hungarian Meteorological Service
Citation: Időjárás. 2013, 117(1), p. 1-158
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Abstract: Between 2007–2011, the European COST Action ES0601 called HOME project was devoted to evaluate the performance of homogenization methods used in climatology and produce a software that would be a synthesis of the best aspects of some of the most efficient methods. HOMER (HOMogenizaton softwarE in R) is a software for homogenizing essential climate variables at monthly and annual time scales. HOMER has been constructed exploiting the best characteristics of some other state-of-the-art homogenization methods, i.e., PRODIGE, ACMANT, CLIMATOL, and the recently developed joint-segmentation method (cghseg). HOMER is based on the methodology of optimal segmentation with dynamic programing, the application of a network-wide two-factor model both for detection and correction, and some new techniques in the coordination of detection processes from multiannual to monthly scales. HOMER also includes a tool to assess trend biases in urban temperature series (UBRIS). HOMER’s approach to the final homogenization results is iterative. HOMER is an interactive method, that takes advantage of metadata. A practical application of HOMER is presented on temperature series of Wien, Austria and its surroundings.
ISSN: 0324-6329
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