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NWCSAF/High Resolution Winds AMV Software for Geostationary and Polar satellites Status in 2023
Title: NWCSAF/High Resolution Winds AMV Software for Geostationary and Polar satellites Status in 2023
Authors: García Pereda, JavierAutor AEMETHåkansson, NinaHörnquist, Sara
Keywords: NWC/GEO software; Geostationary satellites; Polar satellites; High Resolution Winds software
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: EUMETSAT
Citation: 16th International Winds Workshop (2023)
Abstract: The High Resolution Winds (NWC/GEO-HRW) software is developed by the EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Support to Nowcasting and Very Short Range Forecasting (NWCSAF). It is part of a stand-alone software package for the calculation of meteorological products with geostationary satellite data (NWC/GEO). NWCSAF High Resolution Winds provides a detailed calculation of Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs) and Trajectories, locally and in near real time, using as input geostationary satellite image data, NWP model data, and OSTIA sea surface temperature data. The whole NWC/GEO software package can be obtained after registration at the NWCSAF Helpdesk,, where users also find support and help for its use. NWC/GEO v2018.1 software version, available since autumn 2019, is able to process MSG, Himawari-8/9, GOES-N, and GOES-R satellite series images, so that AMVs and trajectories can be calculated all throughout the planet Earth with the same algorithm and quality. Considering other equivalent meteorological products, in the ‘2014 and 2018 AMV Intercomparison Studies’ NWCSAF High Resolution Winds compared very positively with six other AMV algorithms for both MSG and Himawari-8/9 satellites. Finally, the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites (CGMS) recognized in its ‘2012 Meeting Report’: (1) NWCSAF High Resolution Winds fulfills the requirements to be a portable stand-alone AMV calculation software due to its easy installation and usability. (2) It has been successfully adopted by some CGMS members and serves as an important tool for development. It is modular, well documented, and well suited as stand-alone AMV software. (3) Although alternatives exist as portable stand-alone AMV calculation software, they are not as advanced in terms of documentation and do not have an existing Helpdesk.
Description: Ponencias presentadas en: 16th International Winds Workshop celebradas Montreal, Canadá, del 8-12 de mayo de 2023.
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