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Use of CAMS near Real-Time Aerosols in the HARMONIE-AROME NWP Model
Title: Use of CAMS near Real-Time Aerosols in the HARMONIE-AROME NWP Model
Authors: Martín Pérez, DanielAutor AEMETGleeson, EmilyMaalampi, PanuRontu, Laura
Keywords: Near real-time aerosols; CAMS; NWP; Radiation; Microphysics
Issue Date: 2024
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Meteorology. 2024, 3(2), p. 161-190
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Abstract: Near real-time aerosol fields from the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Services (CAMS), operated by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), are configured for use in the HARMONIE-AROME Numerical Weather Prediction model. Aerosol mass mixing ratios from CAMS are introduced in the model through the first guess and lateral boundary conditions and are advected by the model dynamics. The cloud droplet number concentration is obtained from the aerosol fields and used by the microphysics and radiation schemes in the model. The results show an improvement in radiation, especially during desert dust events (differences of nearly 100 W/m2 are obtained). There is also a change in precipitation patterns, with an increase in precipitation, mainly during heavy precipitation events. A reduction in spurious fog is also found. In addition, the use of the CAMS near real-time aerosols results in an improvement in global shortwave radiation forecasts when the clouds are thick due to an improved estimation of the cloud droplet number concentration.
ISSN: 2674-0494
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