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Growth rate, seasonal, synoptic, diurnal variations and budget of methane in the lower atmosphere
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dc.contributor.authorPatra, Prabir K.es_ES
dc.contributor.authorTakigawa, Masayukies_ES
dc.contributor.authorIshijima, Kentaro-
dc.contributor.authorChoi, Byoung-Choel-
dc.contributor.authorCunnold, Derek-
dc.contributor.authorDlugokencky, Edward J.-
dc.contributor.authorFraser, Paul-
dc.contributor.authorGómez Peláez, Ángel Jesús-
dc.contributor.authorGoo, Tae-Young-
dc.contributor.authorKim, Jeong-Sik-
dc.contributor.authorKrummel, Paul B.-
dc.contributor.authorLangenfelds, Ray L.-
dc.contributor.authorMeinhardt, Frank-
dc.contributor.authorMukai, Hitoshi-
dc.contributor.authorO'Doherty, Simon-
dc.contributor.authorPrinn, Ronald G.-
dc.contributor.authorSimmonds, Peter-
dc.contributor.authorSteele, Paul-
dc.contributor.authorTohjima, Yasunori-
dc.contributor.authorTsuboi, Kazuhiro-
dc.contributor.authorUhse, Karin-
dc.contributor.authorWeiss, Ray F.-
dc.contributor.authorWorthy, Douglas E.-
dc.contributor.authorNakazawa, Takakiyo-
dc.identifier.citationJournal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. 2009, 87(4), p. 635-663es_ES
dc.description.abstractWe have used an AGCM (atmospheric general circulation model)-based Chemistry Transport Model (ACTM) for the simulation of methane (CH4) in the height range of earth’s surface to about 90 km. The model simulations are compared with measurements at hourly, daily, monthly and interannual time scales by filtering or averaging all the timeseries appropriately. From this model-observation comparison, we conclude that the recent (1990–2006) trends in growth rate and seasonal cycle at most measurement sites can be fairly successfully modeled by using existing knowledge of CH4 flux trends and seasonality. A large part of the interannual variability (IAV) in CH4 growth rate is apparently controlled by IAV in atmospheric dynamics at the tropical sites and forest fires in the high latitude sites. The flux amplitudes are optimized with respect to the available hydroxyl radical (OH) distribution and model transport for successful reproduction of latitudinal and longitudinal distribution of observed CH4 mixing ratio at the earth’s surface.es_ES
dc.publisherMeteorological Society of Japanes_ES
dc.rightsLicencia CC: Reconocimiento–NoComercial–SinObraDerivada CC BY-NC-NDes_ES
dc.subjectAtmospheric general circulation modeles_ES
dc.subjectChemistry transport modeles_ES
dc.subjectModel simulationes_ES
dc.titleGrowth rate, seasonal, synoptic, diurnal variations and budget of methane in the lower atmospherees_ES
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