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Study of atmospheric carbon monoxide and methane using isotopic analysis
Title: Study of atmospheric carbon monoxide and methane using isotopic analysis
Other Titles: Untersuchung von atmosphärischem Kohlenmonoxid und Methan anhand von Isotopenmessungen
Authors: Bräunlich, Maya
Directors : Platt, Ulrich
Mauersberger, Konrad
Keywords: Carbon monoxide; Methane; Isotope ratios; Trace gases
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Rupertus Carola University of Heidelberg
Abstract: The analysis of isotope ratios is widely used for the investigation of atmospheric trace gases. We measured the stable isotopes d13C and dD of atmospheric CH4 as well as d13C, d18O and the 14CO concentrations of atmospheric CO at Izaña, Tenerife, from 1996 to 1999. We report the rst directly measured dD seasonality for atmospheric background CH4. The large seasonal cycles in mixing and isotopic ratios of CH4 and CO enable inferences about the underlying source and sink processes.
Description: Memoria presentada en la Rupertus Carola University of Heidelberg para optar al grado de Doctor de Ciencias Naturales
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