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Intercomparison of aerosol optical depth measurements in the UVB using Brewer Spectrophotometers and a Li-Cor Spectrophotometer
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dc.contributor.authorGröbner, Julianes_ES
dc.contributor.authorVergaz, Ricardoes_ES
dc.contributor.authorCachorro, Victoria E.es_ES
dc.contributor.authorHenriques, D. V.es_ES
dc.contributor.authorLamb, Kenes_ES
dc.contributor.authorRedondas, Albertoes_ES
dc.contributor.authorVilaplana, José Manueles_ES
dc.contributor.authorRembges, D.es_ES
dc.identifier.citationGeophysical Research Letters. 2001, 28(9), p. 1691–1694es_ES
dc.description.abstractThe first Iberian UV radiation intercomparison was held at “El Arenosillo”-Huelva station of the Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespatial (INTA) from September 1 to 10, 1999. During this campaign, seven Brewer spectrophotometers and one Li-Cor spectrophotometer measured the total column aerosol optical depth (AOD) at 306, 310, 313.5, 316.75 and 320 nm. The AOD calibration of one Brewer was transferred to all other Brewers using one day of intensive measurements. The remaining days were used to observe the stability and reproducibility of the AOD measurements by the different instruments. All Brewer spectrophotometers agreed to within an AOD of 0.03 during the whole measurement campaign. The differences in AOD between the Li-Cor spectrophotometer and the Brewer spectrophotometers were between −0.07 and +0.02 at 313.5, 316.75, and 320 nm. This investigation demonstrates the possibility of using the existing worldwide Brewer network as a global UV aerosol network for AOD monitoring.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThe first Iberian UV radiation intercomparison was supported by the CICYT, project CLI97- 0345-C05-05 under the coordination of INM.-
dc.publisherAmerican Geophysical Uniones_ES
dc.subjectUV radiationes_ES
dc.subjectAerosol optical depthes_ES
dc.titleIntercomparison of aerosol optical depth measurements in the UVB using Brewer Spectrophotometers and a Li-Cor Spectrophotometeres_ES
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