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Objective use of high resolution winds product from HRV MSG channel for nowcasting purposes
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dc.contributor.authorFernández Serdán, José Migueles_ES
dc.contributor.authorGarcía Pereda, Javieres_ES
dc.identifier.citation8th International Winds Workshop (2006)-
dc.descriptionPonencia presentada en: 8th International Winds Workshop celebrado los días 24-28 de abril de 2006 en Beijing, China.-
dc.description.abstractThe Satellite Application Facility of EUMETSAT to support Nowcasting and Very short range forecasting activities (SAFNWC) generates products at the MSG update cycle, i.e., every 15min, with less than 15min delivery delay. One important use is in the continuous monitoring of the atmosphere, to get a better understanding of present weather, and detect recent changes or tendencies that could significantly affect in the next few hours. SAFNWC products are just data among others, which should be integrated in its adequate context: it is clear that the best analysis for any parameter is of course the assimilation in a NWP model. Nevertheless, nowcasting could currently be still a too short range for operational NWP models; a time gap remains that could be filled with continuous watch of data such as SAFNWC products, adequately presented.es_ES
dc.subjectSAFNWC productses_ES
dc.subjectNumerical weather prediction modelses_ES
dc.subjectHigh resolution windses_ES
dc.titleObjective use of high resolution winds product from HRV MSG channel for nowcasting purposeses_ES
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