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Validation of SCIAMACHY HDO/H2O measurements using the TCCON and NDACC-MUSICA networks [Discussion paper]
Title: Validation of SCIAMACHY HDO/H2O measurements using the TCCON and NDACC-MUSICA networks [Discussion paper]
Authors: Scheepmaker, Remco A.Frankenberg, ChristianDeutscher, Nicholas MichaelSchneider, Matthias RESEARCHERID Barthlott, SabineBlumenstock, ThomasGarcía Rodríguez, Omaira Elena ORCID RESEARCHERID Autor AEMETHase, FrankJones, NicholasMahieu, EmmanuelNotholt, JustusVelazco, Voltaire A.Landgraf, JochenAben, Ilse
Keywords: Vapor de agua; SCIAMACHY; Water vapour; Tropospheric humidity; Humedad troposférica
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: European Geosciences Union
Citation: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions. 2014, 7, p. 11799–11851
Publisher version: http:/
Abstract: Measurements of the atmospheric HDO/H2O ratio help us to better understand the hydrological cycle and improve models to correctly simulate tropospheric humidity and therefore climate change. We present an updated version of the column-averaged HDO/H2O ratio data set from the SCanning Imaging Absorption spectroMeter for Atmospheric CHartographY (SCIAMACHY). The data set is extended with 2 additional years, now covering 2003–2007, and is validated against co-located ground-based total column δD measurements from Fourier transform spectrometers (FTS) of the Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON) and the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC, produced within the framework of the MUSICA project).
Sponsorship : We acknowledge funding to support Darwin from the Australian Research Council, projects LE0668470, DP0879468, DP110103118 and LP0562346, while N. M. Deutscher is supported by Australian Research Council grant DE140100178. The Lauder TCCON programme is funded by New Zealand Foundation of Research Science and Technology contracts CO1X0204, CO1X0703 and CO1X0406 and NIWA’s Atmosphere Research Programme 3 (2011/13 Statement of Corporate Intent). MUSICA is funded by the European Research Council under the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013)/ERC grant agreement number 256961.
ISSN: 1867-8610
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