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MyWave project final report
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dc.contributor.authorSaetra, Øyvindes_ES
dc.descriptionProyecto "MyWave: A pan-European concerted and integrated approach to operational wave modelling and forecasting – a complement to GMES MyOcean services" perteneciente al Séptimo Programa Marco (7PM), en el cual participó AEMET, entre otros organismoses_ES
dc.description.abstractThe main goal of MyWave is to lay the foundation for a future Marine Core Service that includes ocean waves. The proposal has identified four target areas where concerted research is needed to establish a high quality GMES Marine Core Service for ocean waves: 1. Increase the use of earth observations by improving data processing algorithms and data assimilation systems, 2. Improve the physics in current wave models and provide a framework for coupled model systems (atmosphere/waves/ocean), 3. Establish a new standard for probabilistic wave forecasts based on ensemble methods, 4. Derive standard protocols for validation products.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipFunded under: FP7-SPACEes_ES
dc.publisherNorwegian Meteorological Institutees_ES
dc.subjectOcean waveses_ES
dc.subjectWave modeles_ES
dc.subjectOcean wave forecastinges_ES
dc.titleMyWave project final reportes_ES
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