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Servicios climáticos para la gestión del regadío
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dc.contributor.authorSerrano de la Torre, Antonio Ángeles_ES
dc.contributor.authorMestre Guillén, Irenees_ES
dc.contributor.authorRodríguez Camino, Ernestoes_ES
dc.contributor.authorLópez Díaz, José Antonioes_ES
dc.identifier.citation10º Simpósio de Meteorologia e Geofísica da APMG (2017)es_ES
dc.descriptionPonencia presentada en: 10º Simpósio de Meteorologia e Geofísica da APMG, celebrado del 20 al 22 de marzo de 2017 en Lisboa, Portugal-
dc.description.abstractAEMET is contributing with the provision of climate services related with seasonal forecasts to the MOSES (Managing crOp water Saving with Enterprise Services) EU H2020 project. The main objective of MOSES project is to put in place and demonstrate at the real scale of application an information platform devoted to planning of irrigation water resources, to support water procurement and management agencies (e.g. reclamation consortia, irrigation districts, etc.). Its main goals are saving water, improving services to farmers and reducing monetary and energy costs. MOSES is a multi-disciplinary project involving 16 partners and the AEMET main contribution consists of producing weather and climate forecasts up to seasonal timescale for two demonstration areas over Spain and another one over Morocco selected for their agricultural value.es_ES
dc.subjectWater resourceses_ES
dc.subjectSeasonal forecastes_ES
dc.subjectClimatological forecast-
dc.subjectRecursos hídricos-
dc.subjectPredicción estacional-
dc.subjectPredicción climatológica-
dc.titleServicios climáticos para la gestión del regadíoes_ES
dc.title.alternativeClimate services for irrigation managementes_ES
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