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Socio-economic benefits of weather and climate services in Europe
Title: Socio-economic benefits of weather and climate services in Europe
Authors: Perrels, AdriaanFrei, ThomasEspejo Gil, FranciscoAutor AEMETJamin, L.Thomalla, A.
Keywords: Weather services; Public budgets; Socio-economic benefit; Weather information
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Copernicus
Citation: Advances in Science and Research. 2013, 10(1), p. 65-70
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Abstract: There is a rising interest around the world for a better understanding of the economic and social value added of weather services. National hydro-meteorological services and international cooperative bodies in meteorology have ever more to justify their use of public budgets. Furthermore, the development of hydrological and meteorological services is to a large extent steered by expectations regarding the eventual benefits of the envisaged new developments. This article provides a compact overview of the impediments for uptake of socio-economic benefit (SEB) studies, methods and results of SEB studies to date. It also discusses some pitfalls and crucial steps to enhance a broader uptake of SEB studies.
ISSN: 1992-0628
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