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Application of a GOY model to atmospheric boundary layer data
Title: Application of a GOY model to atmospheric boundary layer data
Authors: Vindel, José MaríaYagüe, Carlos ORCID
Keywords: GOY model; Atmospheric boundary layer; Stratification stability; Turbulence
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: European Geosciences Union
Citation: Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics. 2009, 16(5), p. 599-606
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Abstract: This article analyzes the possibility of applying a GOY theoretical model to atmospheric boundary layer data. Bearing this in mind, relative scaling exponents of velocity structure functions are used to compare the model with the data under study. In the model, these exponents are set based on two parameters (q and δ), which are appropriate to define the model that better features a certain atmospheric state.
Sponsorship : This research has been funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (projects CGL 2006-12474- C03-03 and CGL2009-12797-C03-03). GR58/08 program (supported by BSCH and UCM) has also partially financed this work through the Research Group “Micrometeorology and Climate Variability” (no 910437).
ISSN: 1023-5809
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