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Using WRF to generate high resolution offshore wind climatologies
Title: Using WRF to generate high resolution offshore wind climatologies
Authors: García Díez, MarkelFernández Fernández, JesúsFita, LluísMenéndez García, MelisaMéndez Incera, Fernando JavierGutiérrez Llorente, José Manuel
Keywords: Wind farms; Downscaling; Numerical modelling
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Asociación Española de Climatología
Citation: Rodríguez Puebla, Concepción; Ceballos Barbancho, Antonio; González Reviriego, Nube; Morán Tejeda, Enrique; Hernández Encinas, Ascensión (eds.). Cambio climático. Extremos e impactos. Madrid: Asociación Española de Climatología, 2012, p. 85-92
Abstract: Recently, the demand of gridded wind datasets over sea areas has increased due to the ongoing development of offshore wind farms. Currently available reanalysis datasets do not have enough resolution to deal with complex coastlines and coastal topography, and these do interact with the winds and meteorological systems well into the open sea. Here we present the main characteristics of a high resolution wind climatology that has been produced using the Weather Research and Forecasting model to downscale the ERA-INTERIM reanalysis. The simulations were carried out in a domain covering the Mediterranean basin and most of Europe, and thus areas with different wind regimes. The model has been kept close to the driving reanalysis by restarting it daily, as this running mode provided better results than nudging techniques. Results show that WRF is able to produce realistic offshore wind climatologies, probabilistic wind distributions and annual cycle. It also reproduces well-known regional winds remarkably well.
Description: Ponencia presentada en: VIII Congreso de la Asociación Española de Climatología celebrado en Salamanca entre el 25 y el 28 de septiembre de 2012.
Sponsorship : This paper is a contribution to the financed projects by the Spanish government CORWES (CGL2010-22158-C02-01), WRF4G (CGL2010-22158-C02-01), EXTREMBLES (CGL2010-21869), C3E (200800050084091), iMar21 (CTM201015009) and MARUCA (E17/08), and was partially funded by projects ‘MAREN’ (Atlantic Area Transnational Programme) and ‘CoCoNet’ (FP7-OCEAN-2011).
ISBN: 978-84-695-4331-3
Appears in Collections:(2012, Salamanca). VIII Congreso AEC

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