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An assessment of the role of homogenization protocols in the performance of daily temperature series and trends: application to northeastern Spain
Title: An assessment of the role of homogenization protocols in the performance of daily temperature series and trends: application to northeastern Spain
Authors: El-Kenawy, AhmedLópez Moreno, Juan IgnacioStepanek, PetrVicente Serrano, Sergio Martín
Keywords: Daily temperature; Trends; Quality control; Reconstruction; Homogenization
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Asociación Española de Climatología
Citation: Fernández García, Felipe; Galán Gallego, Encarna; Cañada Torrecilla, Rosa (eds.). Barcelona: Serbal, 2010, p. 51-62
Series/Report no.: Publicaciones de la Asociación Española de Climatología. Serie A;7
Abstract: This paper details a full protocol applied to develop high resolution daily temperature dataset. Our methodology has been tested from a dataset of 1583 temperature observatories over the NE Spain. The raw dataset was initially tested for internal and external consistency and an algorithm was utilized to reconstruct the daily temperature series for selected candidate observatories. Discontinuities in the reconstructed series were determined by combining the results obtained by three homogeneity tests: the Standard Normal Homogeneity Test (SNHT), the Easterling and Peterson two-phased regression method and the Vincent test. To assess the role of data homogenization, a set of selected tests was applied to the temperature trends and the spatial and frequency properties of the series. Results show significant improvement in the spatial dependence of temperature trends at seasonal and annual scales after application of homogeneity correction. However, frequency statistics of the series evidenced no significant impact of the homogenization procedure. From the temporal and spatial perspectives, the new compiled dataset seems to be outstanding in a variety of meteorological, ecological, hydrological and agricultural research applications at local, regional and continental scales.
Description: Ponencia presentada en: VII Congreso de la Asociación Española de Climatología: clima, ciudad y ecosistemas, celebrado en Madrid entre el 24 y 26 de noviembre de 2010.
Sponsorship : This work has been supported by the research projects CGL2008-01189/BTE, CGL2006-11619/HID and CGL2008-1083/CLI financed by the Spanish Commission of Science and Technology and FEDER, EUROGEOSS (FP7-ENV-2008-1-226487) and ACQWA (FP7-ENV-2007-1- 212250) financed by the VII Framework Programme of the European Commission
ISBN: 978-84-7628-658-6
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