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Cuevas_2001-JGRSE.pdf.jpg2001Sea-land total ozone differences from TOMS: GHOST effectCuevas Agulló, Emilio; Gil-Ojeda, Manuel; Rodríguez Franco, Juan José, et al
acp-12-4909-2012-1.pdf.jpg2012Iodine monoxide in the north subtropical free tropospherePuentedura, Olga; Gil-Ojeda, Manuel; Saiz-Lopez, Alfonso, et al
acp-15-10567-2015.pdf.jpg2015NO2 seasonal evolution in the north subtropical free troposphereGil-Ojeda, Manuel; Navarro Comas, Mónica; Gómez Martín, L., et al
B15-IZA_Intercambio_estratos_tropos.pdf.jpg2001Análisis de procesos de intercambio estratosfera-troposfera asociados al chorro subtropical no perturbadoCuevas Agulló, Emilio; Sancho Ávila, Juan Manuel; Schneider, Matthias
1121_SDS_Technical_Report_en.pdf.jpg2013Establishing a WMO sand and dust storm warning advisory and assessment system regional node for West Asia: current capabilities and needs: technical reportCuevas Agulló, Emilio
Schoeberl_et_al-2007-JGR.pdf.jpg2007A trajectory-based estimate of the tropospheric ozone column using the residual methodSchoeberl, M. R.; Ziemke, J. R.; Bojkov, B., et al
acpd-14-27797-2014.pdf.jpg2014The MACC-II 2007–2008 reanalysis: atmospheric dust evaluation and characterization over northern Africa and the Middle East [Discussion paper]Cuevas Agulló, Emilio; Camino, Carlos; Benedetti, Angela, et al
asr-2-151-2008.pdf.jpg2008Sensitivity study of surface wind flow of a limited area model simulating the extratropical storm Delta affecting the Canary IslandsMarrero, Carlos; Jorba, Oriol; Cuevas Agulló, Emilio, et al
acpd-15-18747-2015.pdf.jpg2015NO2 seasonal evolution in the north subtropical free troposphere [Discussion paper]Gil-Ojeda, Manuel; Navarro Comas, Mónica; Gómez Martín, L., et al
acp-16-4967-2016.pdf.jpg2016Forecasting the northern African dust outbreak towards Europe in April 2011: a model intercomparisonHuneeus, Nicolas; Basart, Sara; Fiedler, Stephanie, et al
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