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Physically based evaluation of climate models over the Iberian Peninsula
Title: Physically based evaluation of climate models over the Iberian Peninsula
Authors: Sánchez de Cos, María del CarmenAutor AEMETSánchez-Laulhé, José María ORCID RESEARCHERID Autor AEMETJiménez Alonso, CarlosAutor AEMETSancho Ávila, Juan Manuel ORCID RESEARCHERID Autor AEMETRodríguez Camino, ErnestoAutor AEMET
Keywords: Climate models; Evaluation; Surface processes
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Climate Dynamics volume. 2013, 40, p. 1969–1984
Publisher version:
Abstract: A novel approach is proposed for evaluating regional climate models based on the comparison of empirical relationships among model outcome variables. The approach is actually a quantitative adaptation of the method for evaluating global climate models proposed by Betts (Bull Am Meteorol Soc 85:1673–1688, 2004). Three selected relationships among different magnitudes involved in water and energy land surface budgets are firstly established using daily re-analysis data. The selected relationships are obtained for an area encompassing two river basins in the southern Iberian Peninsula corresponding to 2 months, representative of dry and wet seasons. The same corresponding relations are also computed for each of the thirteen regional simulations of the ENSEMBLES project over the same area. The usage of a metric based on the Hellinger coefficient allows a quantitative estimation of how well models are performing in simulating the relations among surface magnitudes. Finally, a series of six rankings of the thirteen regional climate models participating in the ENSEMBLES project is obtained based on their ability to simulate such surface processes.
Sponsorship : The ENSEMBLES data used in this work was funded by the EU FP6 Integrated Project ENSEMBLES (Contract number 505539) whose support is gratefully acknowledged by the authors of the paper, without these data it would have been imposible to write this article.
ISSN: 0930-7575
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