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EGUMetConditionsLandslides.pdf.jpg2017Meteorological conditions for the triggering of landslides in Asturias (NW Spain): a preliminary analysis of synoptic patternsValenzuela, Pablo; Iglesias, Miguel; Domínguez Cuesta, María José, et al
Poster_CCPE_EGU2016-A0.pdf.jpg2016Calibration and combination of seasonal forecasts over Southern Europe [Póster]Sánchez García, Eroteida; Voces Aboy, José; Rodríguez Camino, Ernesto
Formigal_TPB_EGU__OK.pdf.jpg2016The impact of a windshield in a tipping bucket rain gauge on the reduction of losses in precipitation measurements during snowfall events [Póster]Buisán Sanz, Samuel Tomás; Collado Aceituno, José Luis; Alastrué Tierra, José Javier, et al
Verification_fog_morales.pdf.jpg2013Verification of fog and low cloud simulations using an object oriented methodMorales Martín, Gema; Calvo Sánchez, Francisco Javier; Román Cascón, Carlos, et al
2010_EGU_Bermejo_Poster.pdf.jpg2010Recent atmospheric changes over Spain, using weather typesBermejo Arnaiz, Maider; Ancell, Rafael
poster_IO_EGS_310311.pdf.jpg2011Detection of IO in subtropical Free TropospherePuentedura, Olga; Gil-Ojeda, Manuel; Navarro Comas, Mónica, et al
2010_EGU_Herrera_Poster.pdf.jpg2010Dynamical downscaling of snow trends in Northern Iberia based on ENSEMBLES regional simulationsHerrera García, Sixto; Pons Reynés, María Rosa; Sordo, Carmen María, et al
sanchez-lorenzoA11-poster.pdf.jpg2011Towards a homogenization of the long-term surface solar global radiation series over EuropeSánchez Lorenzo, Arturo; Guijarro Pastor, José Antonio; Brunetti, Michele, et al
EGU2013_Roman_Cascon.pdf.jpg2013A case study of shallow radiation fogs over CIBA: observations and simulations (WRF and HARMONIE models)Román Cascón, Carlos; Morales Martín, Gema; Yagüe, Carlos, et al
sanchez-lorenzoA11b-po.pdf.jpg2011Updating and extending the “dimming” and “brightening” over SpainSánchez Lorenzo, Arturo; Calbó, Josep; Pallé, Enric, et al
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