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An overview of tornado and waterspout events in Catalonia (2000–2019)
Title: An overview of tornado and waterspout events in Catalonia (2000–2019)
Authors: Rodríguez, OriolBech, JoanArús Dumenjo, JoanCastan, SalvadorFiguerola, FrancescRigo, Tomeu
Keywords: Tornadoes; Waterspout; Remote sensing; Tornados; Trombas marinas; Teledetección
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Atmospheric Research. 2021, 250, 105415
Publisher version:
Abstract: The study includes 105 tornadoes and 329 waterspouts reported in a 32,000 km2 area, and therefore, it presents one of the highest tornado and waterspout densities in the Mediterranean basin according to recent climatologies. Remote-sensing tools such as weather radar, lightning detection and satellite imagery have been used to validate each event. Moreover, fieldwork performed after several tornado cases and the use of high-resolution aerial imagery have provided information to characterise damage paths, including the length and width of the damage swath and the maximum intensity according to the Enhanced Fujita Scale. Finally, a list of the analysed events is provided for further research.
ISSN: 0169-8095
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