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A regional air quality forecasting system over Europe: the MACC-II daily ensemble production
Title: A regional air quality forecasting system over Europe: the MACC-II daily ensemble production
Authors: Marécal, VirginiePeuch, Vincent-HenriAndersson, CamillaAndersson, S.Arteta, J.Beekmann, MatthiasBenedictow, Anna M. K.Bergström, RobertBessagnet, BertrandCansado, AlbertoChéroux, F.Colette, AugustinComan, A.Curier, R. L.Denier van der Gon, Hugo A. C.Drouin, A.Elbern, HendrikEmili, EmanueleEngelen, Richard J.Eskes, Henk J.Foret, GillesFriese, ElmarGauss, MichaelGiannaros, ChristosGuth, JonathanJoly, M.Jaumouillé, E.Josse, B.Kadygrov, NicolayKaiser, Johannes W.Krajsek, KaiKuenen, JeroenKumar, UjjwalLiora, NataliaLópez, E.Malherbe, LaureMartínez Marco, IsabelMelas, DimitrisMeleux, FrederikMenut, LaurentMoinat, P.Morales Morín, TomásParmentier, JonathanPiacentini, AndreaPlu, MatthieuPoupkou, AnastasiaQueguiner, SolenRobertson, LennartRouïl, LaurenceSchaap, MartijnSegers, ArjoSofiev, MikhailTarrason, LeonorThomas, Manu AnnaTimmermans, RenskeValdebenito, ÁlvaroVelthoven, P. vanVersendaal, R. vanVira, JuliusUng, Anthony
Keywords: Air quality forecasting; Multi-model ensemble products; MACC Projects; Modelización de la composición de la atmósfera; Proyecto MACC; Calidad del aire; Ensemble
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: European Geosciences Union
Citation: Geoscientific Model Development. 2015, 8(9), p. 2777-2813
Publisher version:
Abstract: This paper describes the pre-operational analysis and forecasting system developed during MACC (Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate) and continued in the MACC-II (Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate: Interim Implementation) European projects to provide air quality services for the European continent. This system is based on seven state-of-the art models developed and run in Europe (CHIMERE, EMEP, EURAD-IM, LOTOS-EUROS, MATCH, MOCAGE and SILAM). These models are used to calculate multi-model ensemble products. The paper gives an overall picture of its status at the end of MACC-II (summer 2014) and analyses the performance of the multi-model ensemble. The MACC-II system provides daily 96 h forecasts with hourly outputs of 10 chemical species/aerosols (O3, NO2, SO2, CO, PM10, PM2.5, NO, NH3, total NMVOCs (non-methane volatile organic compounds) and PAN+PAN precursors) over eight vertical levels from the surface to 5 km height. The hourly analysis at the surface is done a posteriori for the past day using a selection of representative air quality data from European monitoring stations.
Sponsorship : This study was funded by the European Commission under the EU Seventh Research Framework Programme (grant agreement no. 283576, MACC II).
ISSN: 1991-959X
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