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hess-22-1437-2018.pdf.jpg2018Testing and development of transfer functions for weighing precipitation gauges in WMO-SPICEKochendorfer, John; Nitu, Rodica; Wolff, Mareile, et al
RecioBlitz_Effects_recent_PolishPolarResearch.pdf.jpg2018Effects of recent cooling in the Antarctic Peninsula on snow density and surface mass balanceRecio-Blitz, Cayetana; Navarro, Francisco J.; Otero, J., et al
nhess-2018-289.pdf.jpg2018High-spatial resolution probability maps of drought duration and magnitude across Spain [Discussion paper]Domínguez Castro, Fernando; Vicente Serrano, Sergio Martín; Tomas Burguera, Miquel, et al
acp-2018-1315.pdf.jpg2018Improved Retrievals of Carbon Dioxide from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 with the version 8 ACOS algorithmO'Dell, Christopher; Eldering, Annmarie; Wennberg, Paul O., et al
Fernandez-Gonzalez_et_al-2015-JGR.pdf.jpg2015Numerical simulations of snowfall events: sensitivity analysis of physical parameterizationsFernández-González, Sergio; Valero Rodríguez, Francisco; Sánchez Gómez, José Luis, et al
Fernandez-Gonzalez_2015_Journal_Geophysical_Research__Atmospheres.pdf.jpg2015Analysis of a seeder-feeder and freezing drizzle eventFernández-González, Sergio; Valero Rodríguez, Francisco; Sánchez Gómez, José Luis, et al
amt-2018-438.pdf.jpg2018Aerosol Optical Depth comparison between GAW-PFR and AERONET-Cimel radiometers from long term (2005–2015) 1-minute synchronous measurements [Discussion paper]Cuevas Agulló, Emilio; Romero Campos, Pedro Miguel; Kouremeti, Natalia, et al
2018_Azorin_Molina_et_al_IJC.pdf.jpg2018An approach to homogenize daily peak wind gusts: an application to the Australian seriesAzorín Molina, César; Guijarro, José Antonio; McVicar, Tim R., et al
Characterization_of_Spread_in_a_Mesoscale_Ensemble_Prediction_System.pdf.jpg2018Characterization of spread in a mesoscale ensemble prediction system: multiphysics versus initial conditionsFernández-González, Sergio; Sastre, Mariano; Valero Rodríguez, Francisco, et al
Numerical_Simulation_of_a_Heavy_Precipitation_Event.pdf.jpg2018Numerical simulation of a heavy precipitation event in the vicinity of Madrid-Barajas international airport: sensitivity to initial conditions, domain resolution, and microphysics parameterizationsBolgiani, Pedro; Fernández-González, Sergio; Valero Rodríguez, Francisco, et al
acp-18-16019-2018.pdf.jpg2018UV measurements at Marambio and Ushuaia during 2000–2010Lakkala, Kaisa; Redondas, Alberto; Meinander, O., et al
gi-2018-41.pdf.jpg2018Description of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) station at the Izaña Observatory (2009–2017): measurements and quality control/assurance procedures [Discussion]García Cabrera, Rosa Delia; Cuevas Agulló, Emilio; Ramos López, Ramón, et al
acp-18-14555-2018.pdf.jpg2018Assessment of Sun photometer Langley calibration at the high-elevation sites Mauna Loa and IzañaToledano, Carlos; González, Ramiro; Fuertes, David, et al
How_robust_recent_SGonzalez_2018.pdf.jpg2018How robust are the temperature trends on the Antarctic Peninsula?González Herrero, Sergi; Fortuny, Didac
CTWR_DraftN_20171108.pdf.jpg2018Coastally trapped disturbances caused by the tramontane wind on the northwestern Mediterranean: numerical study and sensitivity to short-wave radiationGonzález Herrero, Sergi; Callado, Alfons; Werner, Ernest, et al
remotesensing-10-01102.pdf.jpg2018Vertically resolved precipitation intensity retrieved through a synergy between the ground-based NASA MPLNET lidar network measurements, surface disdrometer datasets and an analytical model solutionLolli, Simone; D’Adderio, Leo Pio; Campbell, James R., et al
Toomey_etal_IJC_post-print_2018.pdf.jpg2018A modeling-based assessment of the imprint of storms on wind waves in the Western Mediterranean SeaToomey, T.; Sayol, J.M.; Marcos, Marta, et al
Caza_avutarda_aeroplano_JCano_2018.pdf.jpg2018La caza de la avutarda en aeroplanoCano Sánchez, Javier
amt-11-4981-2018.pdf.jpg2018Evaluation of MUSICA IASI tropospheric water vapour profiles using theoretical error assessments and comparisons to GRUAN Vaisala RS92 measurementsBorger, Christian; Schneider, Matthias; Ertl, Benjamin, et al
c069p079.pdf.jpg2016Impact of weather type variability on winter precipitation, temperature and annual snowpack in the Spanish PyreneesBuisán, Samuel; López Moreno, Juan Ignacio; Saz-Sánchez, Miguel Ángel, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 186
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