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Fire danger harmonization based on the fire weather index for transboundary events between Portugal and Spain
Title: Fire danger harmonization based on the fire weather index for transboundary events between Portugal and Spain
Authors: Alves, DanielaAlmeida, MiguelViegas, Domingos XavierNovo, IldaLuna Rico, Yolanda ORCID RESEARCHERID SCOPUSID Autor AEMET
Keywords: Fire danger; Data calibration; Data harmonization; FWI; Transboundary wildfires; Regional scales
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Atmosphere. 2021, 12(9), 1087
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Abstract: Portugal and Spain have a cross-border cooperation protocol on wildfires response for a buffer strip of 25 km for each side of the border. In spite of the success of this collaboration, there are issues to be improved, since Portuguese and Spanish authorities use different methodologies to assess the daily fire danger. A methodology to harmonize fire danger and its interpretation by the Portuguese and Spanish Civil protection authorities in the transboundary buffer strip area is hereby presented. The fire danger index used is the Canadian Fire Weather Index (FWI), which requires input from meteorological data and gives an indication of fire intensity. The fire danger class is an important decision support tool for preventing and fighting wildfires. Since the meaning of FWI values change from region-to-region according to its specific characteristics, a calibration process was performed based on statistical data of the daily FWI values, the number of fires and burned area between 2005 and 2013. The results of the FWI calibration and harmonization of the data for the five danger classes minimizes the fire danger discrepancies across the border. This methodology has the potential to be reproduced in other areas.
ISSN: 2073-4433
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