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Improved calibration procedures for the EM27/SUN spectrometers of the COllaborative Carbon Column Observing Network (COCCON)
Title: Improved calibration procedures for the EM27/SUN spectrometers of the COllaborative Carbon Column Observing Network (COCCON)
Authors: Alberti, CarlosHase, FrankFrey, MatthiasDubravica, DarkoBlumenstock, ThomasDehn, AngelikaCastracane, PaoloSurawicz, GregorHarig, RolandBaier, Bianca C.Bès, CarolineJianrong, BiBoesch, HartmutButz, AndréCai, ZhaonanChen, JiaCrowell, SeanDeutscher, Nicholas MichaelEne, DragosFranklin, Jonathan E.García Rodríguez, Omaira Elena ORCID RESEARCHERID Autor AEMETGriffith, David W. T.Grouiez, BrunoGrutter, MichelHamdouni, AbdelhamidHouweling, SanderHumpage, NeilJacobs, NicoleJeong, SujongJoly, LilianJones, NicholasJouglet, DenisKivi, RigelKleinschek, RalphLopez, MorganMedeiros, Diogo J.Morino, IsamuMostafavipak, NasrinMüller, AstridOhyama, HirofumiPalmer, Paul I.Pathakoti, MaheshPollard, David F.Raffalski, UweRamonet, MichelRamsay, RobbieSha, Mahesh KumarShiomi, KeiSimpson, WilliamStremme, WolfgangSun, YouwenTanimoto, HiroshiTe, YaoGizaw Mengistu Tsidu‏Velazco, Voltaire A.Vogel, FelixWatanabe, MasatakaWei, ChongWunch, DebraYamasoe, MarciaZhang, LuOrphal, Johannes
Keywords: Total Carbon Column Observing Network; Greenhouse gases observations; Fourier transform spectrometers; Spectrometers
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: European Geosciences Union
Citation: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 2022, 15(8), p. 2433–2463
Publisher version:
Abstract: In this study, an extension on the previously reported status of the COllaborative Carbon Column Observing Network's (COCCON) calibration procedures incorporating refined methods is presented. COCCON is a global network of portable Bruker EM27/SUN FTIR spectrometers for deriving column-averaged atmospheric abundances of greenhouse gases. The original laboratory open-path lamp measurements for deriving the instrumental line shape (ILS) of the spectrometer from water vapour lines have been refined and extended to the secondary detector channel incorporated in the EM27/SUN spectrometer for detection of carbon monoxide (CO). The refinements encompass improved spectroscopic line lists for the relevant water lines and a revision of the laboratory pressure measurements used for the analysis of the spectra. The new results are found to be in good agreement with those reported by Frey et al. (2019) and discussed in detail. In addition, a new calibration cell for ILS measurements was designed, constructed and put into service. Spectrometers calibrated since January 2020 were tested using both methods for ILS characterization, open-path (OP) and cell measurements.
Sponsorship : We thank Martin Kohler for providing the meteorological data sets from IMK-TRO’s tower. Dragos Ene wants to acknowledge the Romanian National Core Program (contract no. 18N/2019) for funding his activities. Diogo J. Medeiros acknowledges the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) for financial support (grant 2019/27079-2). The Wollongong team want to acknowledge the Australian Research Council (ARC) for supporting their activities under the grants DP160101598 and LE0668470. This research has been supported by the European Space Agency (COCCON-PROCEEDS, grant no. 4000121212/17/I-EF; QA4EOQA4EO, grant no. 4000128426/19/NL/FF/ab; and FRM4GHG 2.0, grant no. 4000136108/21/I-DT-lr).
ISSN: 1867-1381
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