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How well are we measuring snow Post-SPICE?
Title: How well are we measuring snow Post-SPICE?
Authors: Kochendorfer, JohnEarle, Michael E.Rasmussen, RoySmith, Craig D.Yang, DaqingMorin, SamuelMekis, EvaBuisán Sanz, Samuel Tomás ORCID RESEARCHERID SCOPUSID Autor AEMETRoulet, Yves-AlainLandolt, ScottWolff, MareileHoover, JefferyThériault, Julie M.Lee, GyuwonBaker, BruceNitu, RodicaLanza, LucaColli, MatteoMeyers, Tilden
Keywords: Precipitation; Snowfall; Freezing precipitation; Instrumentation; Hydrology; Measurements
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: American Meteorological Society
Citation: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 2022, 103(2), p. E370–E388
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Abstract: Accurate snowfall measurements are necessary for meteorology, hydrology, and climate research. Typical uses include creating and calibrating gridded precipitation products, the verification of model simulations, driving hydrologic models, input into aircraft deicing processes, and estimating streamflow runoff in the spring. These applications are significantly impacted by errors in solid precipitation measurements. The recent WMO Solid Precipitation Intercomparison Experiment (SPICE) attempted to characterize and reduce some of the measurement uncertain-ties through an international effort involving 15 countries utilizing over 20 types and models of precipitation gauges from various manufacturers. Key results from WMO-SPICE are presented herein. Recent work and future research opportunities that build on the results of WMO-SPICE are also highlighted.
ISSN: 1520-0477
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