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Analysis of the different regimes of atmospheric turbulence observed during a single night
Title: Analysis of the different regimes of atmospheric turbulence observed during a single night
Authors: Viana Jiménez, SamuelTerradellas, EnricYagüe, CarlosMaqueda Burgos, Gregorio
Keywords: Atmospheric turbulence; Nocturnal boundary layer; Turbulencia atmosférica; Capa límite nocturna; Convection
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Società Italiana di Fisica
Citation: Il Nuovo Cimento C. Colloquia on Physics. 2008, 5-6, p. 723-742
Publisher version:
Abstract: This work presents a comprehensive study of the different turbulence regimes observed during a night (27-28 June 2006) at the CIBA (Research Centre for the Lower Atmosphere), located in the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula, in the Duero valley, over relatively flat and homogeneous terrain. The synoptic situation was dominated by an Atlantic anticyclone, with a weak northern flow over the área of interest. Nevertheless, the actual meteorological evolution was mainly driven by the mesoscale conditions. The meteorological sequence of events were the irruption of a drainage flow, part of a nocturnal circulation established over the whole basin, and finally, the onset of a thick and dense fog layer that covered the region during several hours. These facts produced sudden changes both in the turbulence regime and in the stability of the lowest layers of the atmosphere, so that, three periods, with moderately stable, weakly stable and neutral stratification can be perfectly distinguished. The study includes the analysis of different observational datasets, gathered during the SABLES-2006 field campaign, especially designed to improve the knowledge on the nocturnal boundary layer.
Sponsorship : This research has been funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (projects CGL2004-03109 and CGL2006-12474-C03-03). IV PRICIT program (supported by CM and UCM) has also partially financed this work through the Research Group ”Micrometeorology and Climate Variability” (n 910437).
ISSN: 2037-4909
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