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Wind-induced cross-strait sea level variability in the Strait of Gibraltar from coastal altimetry and in-situ measurements
Title: Wind-induced cross-strait sea level variability in the Strait of Gibraltar from coastal altimetry and in-situ measurements
Authors: Gómez Enri, JesúsGonzález, Carlos JoséPassaro, MarcelloVignudelli, StefanoÁlvarez, ÓscarCipollini, PaoloMañanes Salinas, RafaelBruno, MiguelLópez Carmona, Manuel PatricioAutor AEMETIzquierdo, Alfredo
Keywords: Strait of Gibraltar; Cross-strait sea level; Satellite altimetry; Wind-induced; Tide gauge
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Remote Sensing of Environment. 2019, 221, p. 596-608
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Abstract: Coastal altimetry products are available and are being extensively validated. Their accuracy has been assessed in many coastal zones around the world and they are ready for exploitation near the shore. This opens a variety of applications of the sea level data obtained from the specific reprocessing of radar altimeter signals in the coastal strip. In this work, we retracked altimeter waveforms of the European Space Agency satellites: ERS-2 RA and Envisat RA-2 from descending track (#0360) over the eastern side of the Strait of Gibraltar using the Adaptive Leading Edge Sub-waveform (ALES) retracker. We estimated along-track Sea Level Anomaly (AT_SLA) profiles (RA-2) at high posting rate (18 Hz) using improved range and geophysical corrections. Tides were removed with a global model (DTU10) that displays a good performance in the study area: the mean root square sum (RSS) of the main constituents obtained with DTU10 and 11 tide gauge stations was 4.3 cm in agreement with the RSS using a high-resolution local hydrodynamic model (UCA2.5D) (4.2 cm). We also estimated a local mean sea surface by reprocessing ERS-2/Envisat waveforms (track #0360) with ALES.
Sponsorship : This work was partially funded by the European Union's Interreg V-A España – Portugal (POCTEP) 2014-2020 project: OCASO under grant agreement: GA 0223_OCASO_5_E.
ISSN: 0034-4257
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