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homSwindspeed.pdf.jpg2014Homogenization of spanish mean wind speed monthly seriesGuijarro, José Antonio
Solis_Astronomia_180-14.pdf.jpg2014Los cielos del Sistema Solar (I)Solís García, Julio
11tethys-03-cat.pdf.jpg2014Situacions de pluja forta i vent fort en territori espanyol durant el SOP1 de HyMeXJansà Clar, Agustí; Campins, Joan; Picornell, María Ángeles, et al
amt-7-2337-2014-1.pdf.jpg2014Tropospheric CH4 signals as observed by NDACC FTIR at globally distributed sites and comparison to GAW surface in situ measurementsSepúlveda Hernández, Eliezer; Schneider, Matthias; Hase, Frank, et al
amt-7-4103-2014.pdf.jpg2014Recovering long-term aerosol optical depth series (1976–2012) from an astronomical potassium-based resonance scattering spectrometerBarreto, África; Cuevas Agulló, Emilio; Pallé, P., et al
Annual cycle of PWV_QJRMS_679.pdf.jpg2014Analysis of the annual cycle of the precipitable water vapour over Spain from 10-year homogenized series of GPS dataOrtiz de Galisteo, José Pablo; Bennouna, Yasmine; Toledano, Carlos, et al
2014_JAMC-D-12-0336.pdf.jpg2014Atmospheric motion vectors from model simulations. Part I: Methods and characterization as single-level estimates of windBormann, Niels; Hernández Carrascal, Ángeles; Borde, Régis, et al
amtd-7-7367-2014.pdf.jpg2014Improved retrieval of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) column densities by means of MKIV Brewer spectrophotometers [Discussion paper]Diémoz, Henri; Siani, Anna Maria; Redondas, Alberto, et al
acp-14-1635-2014.pdf.jpg2014Evaluation of the use of five laboratory-determined ozone absorption cross sections in Brewer and Dobson retrieval algorithmsRedondas, Alberto; Evans, R.; Stuebi, R., et al
Solis_Astronomia_181-182-14.pdf.jpg2014Los cielos del Sistema Solar (II)Solís García, Julio
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