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Variational bias correction of GNSS ZTD in the HARMONIE modeling system
Title: Variational bias correction of GNSS ZTD in the HARMONIE modeling system
Authors: Sánchez Arriola, Jana ORCID RESEARCHERID SCOPUSID Autor AEMETLindskog, MagnusThorsteinsson, SigurdurBojarova, Jelena
Keywords: Data assimilation; Mesoscale models; Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS); Modelos de mesoescala
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: American Meteorological Society
Citation: Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. 2016, 55(5), p. 1259–1276
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Abstract: To fill the gap in the observation system for humidity, the HIRLAM–ALADIN Research on Mesoscale Operational NWP in Euromed(HARMONIE) limited-area high-resolution kilometer-scale model has been prepared for assimilation of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) zenith total delay (ZTD) observations. The observation-processing system includes data selection, bias correction, quality control, and a GNSS observation operator for data assimilation. A large part of the bias between observations and model equivalents comes from the relatively low model top used in the HARMONIE experiments. The functionality of the different observation-processing components was investigated in detail as was the overall performance of the GNSS ZTD data assimilation. This paper contains an extensive description of the GNSS ZTD observation-processing system and a comparison of a newly introduced variational bias correction for GNSS ZTD data with an alternative static bias correction, as well as a detailed analysis of the impact of GNSS ZTD data, both in terms of statistical evaluations over a longer period and in terms of individual case studies. Assimilation of the GNSS ZTD observations with a variational bias correction has improved the quality of short-range weather forecasts for the moisture-related parameters in particular, both in a statistical sense and in individual case studies. The paper also discusses further improvements in the HARMONIE variational data-assimilation system that are needed to fully utilize the potential of high-resolution GNSS ZTD observations.
ISSN: 1558-8424
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