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Modulation of Saharan dust export by the North African dipole
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dc.contributor.authorRodríguez González, Sergio-
dc.contributor.authorCuevas Agulló, Emilio-
dc.contributor.authorProspero, Joseph M.-
dc.contributor.authorAlastuey, Andrés-
dc.contributor.authorQuerol, Xavier-
dc.contributor.authorLópez Solano, Javier-
dc.contributor.authorGarcía Álvarez, María Isabel-
dc.contributor.authorAlonso Pérez, Silvia-
dc.identifier.citationAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2015, 15(13), p. 7471-7486es_ES
dc.description.abstractWe have studied the relationship between the long-term interannual variability in large-scale meteorology in western North Africa – the largest and most active dust source worldwide – and Saharan dust export in summer, when enhanced dust mobilization in the hyper-arid Sahara results in maximum dust impacts throughout the North Atlantic. We address this issue by analyzing 28 years (1987–2014) of summer averaged dust concentrations at the high-altitude Izaña observatory (~ 2400 m a.s.l.) on Tenerife, and satellite and meteorological reanalysis data. The summer meteorological scenario in North Africa (aloft 850 hPa) is characterized by a high over the the subtropical Sahara and a low over the tropics linked to the monsoon. We measured the variability of this high–low dipole-like pattern in terms of the North African dipole intensity (NAFDI): the difference of geopotential height anomalies averaged over the subtropics (30–32° N, Morocco) and the tropics (10–13° N, Bamako region) close to the Atlantic coast (at 5–8° W). We focused on the 700 hPa standard level due to dust export off the coast of North Africa tending to occur between 1 and 5 km a.s.l. Variability in the NAFDI is associated with displacements of the North African anticyclone over the Sahara and this has implications for wind and dust export.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThe Izaña GAW program is funded by AEMET and by the Minister of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain (POLLINDUST, CGL2011-26259). J. M. Prospero’s research is supported by NSF grant AGS-0962256.-
dc.publisherEuropean Geosciences Uniones_ES
dc.subjectVariabilidad climáticaes_ES
dc.subjectDistribución de partículas de polvoes_ES
dc.subjectClimate variabilityes_ES
dc.subjectDistribution of dustes_ES
dc.titleModulation of Saharan dust export by the North African dipolees_ES
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