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B‐splines as a tool to solve constraints in a non‐hydrostatic forecast model
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dc.contributor.authorSubías Díaz-Blanco, Álvaroes_ES
dc.identifier.citationQuarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. 2017, 143(706), p. 2272-2281-
dc.descriptionTítulo del pre-print: B-splines as a tool to solve constraints in non-hydrostatic forecast model-
dc.description.abstractFinite elements has been proven to be an useful tool to discretize the vertical coordinate in the hydrostatic forecast models allowing to define model variables in full levels so that no staggering is needed. In the non-hydrostatic case a constraint in the vertical operators appears (called C1) that does not allow to reduce the set of semi-implicit linear equations to a single equation in one variable as in the analytic case. Recently vertical finite elements based in B-splines have been used with an iterative method to relax the C1 constraint. In this paper we want to develop properly some representations of vertical operators in terms of B-splines in order to keep the C1-constraint. An invertibility relation between integral and derivative operators between vertical velocity and vertical divergence is also presented. The final scope of this paper is to provide a theoretical framework of development of finite element vertical operators to be implemented in the nh-Harmonie model.es_ES
dc.subjectNumerical weather predictiones_ES
dc.subjectFinite element methodes_ES
dc.subjectPredicción numéricaes_ES
dc.subjectMétodo de los elementos finitoses_ES
dc.titleB‐splines as a tool to solve constraints in a non‐hydrostatic forecast modeles_ES
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