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Atmospheric polarimetric effects on GNSS radio occultations: the ROHP-PAZ field campaign [Discussion paper]
Título : Atmospheric polarimetric effects on GNSS radio occultations: the ROHP-PAZ field campaign [Discussion paper]
Autor : Padullés, R.; Cardellach, E.; Torre Juárez, M. de la; Tomás, S.; Turk, F. J.; Oliveras, S.; Ao, C. O.; Rius, A.
Palabras clave : Radio-occultations; Precipitation; Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS); ROHP-PAZ; Atmospheric polarimetric effects
Fecha de publicación : 2015
Editor: European Geosciences Union
Citación : Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. 2015, 15, p. 18747–18785
Versión del editor: http://dx.doi.org/10.5194/acpd-15-18747-2015
Resumen : The ROHP-PAZ mission will collect, for the first time, GPS radio occultations at two polarizations with the aim of characterizing rain. Prior to the mission's launch (2016), a field campaign has been conducted to identify and understand the measurements. In this study we present the set-up and the results of such a campaign: the main finding is the confirmation of sensitivity to heavy rain and, unexpectedly, to other frozen hydrometeors. This is key information for the spaceborne experiment.
Patrocinador: This study was conducted under the Spanish ACI2010-1089 and AYA2011-29183-C02-02 grant, with contributions from EUMETSAT’s ROM SAF CDOP2.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11765/6593
ISSN : 1680-7367
Colecciones: Artículos científicos 2015-2018

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